About me

Chiara Ariè is an important Italian pop- opera singer ( mezzo soprano), pianist and songwriter. 

She entered in the music world at 5 years old. With her stage name “Ariè”, wrote and produced the song Semplice”, with "My Records label". Thanks of this success she reached the 12th position in the Italian top ten chart 2016, disc of the week with more than 800 daily rotations on radios and TV channels, magazine, interviews, press release and networks. 

With her song Ariè was a special guest for the most important Italian music festival like Festival Show, Festival Estivo, Area Sanremo , FIM international music festival, a passo di danza, and tour in the main cities. She started a collaboration with the International Music Contest show  “Festival Estivo”, as responsible of audition in Lazio region, judge and vocal coach. In 2017 She started a collaboration with Thumbelina Production to produce the first international Beauty Pageant between Los Angeles and Italy.

In the next two years Ariè received many awards as singer for performing in important events like the MMA Smash Global 2018 and 2019, an event hosted by important guest as Mel Gibson and the world brazilian champion Rigan Machado. 

She performed for the Eagles in 2018 for the superbowl in Houston, She sang for the California gubernatorial election were she got a commendation from the mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Alapio annual gala, A-List magazine party, Fosaac gala award were she  got a trophy from the indian culture community, Grammys party 2017,for the fashion show 2019 in LA and for the 2019 and 2020 Oscar party event where she got trophy.

in 2019 she start a collaboration with the famous Jamaican rapper Vybz Kartel for the song " Foreplay"produced by Chris Goldfinga ( known for his success with Sean Paul ), She reach the 2th position in the DJ Chart and 3th position on the dancehall top 10 reggae chart. 

Chiara started a new project called "PopOpera" between Los Angeles and Italy, she create a classical and pop genre of sound with her producer Max Calo, one of the most important producer in the italian music industry ( known for his collaboration with A. Bocelli, D.Foster, B. Streisand, C. Dion, J. Groban, M. Jackson, P. McCartney, Seal, M. Bublè, Chaka Khan and more others ).

The song "A Domani" ( see you tomorrow) reached the 5th position in the music top 10 chart in Italy and She got an award for the music video. She had a positive response and great success as an independent label, she has been a guest of many radio, television and journalistic interviews to talk about the wonderful message of the future and the union. At the same time Chiara is following soundtrack projects as a music composer.